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Origin and Background

The Baughman Family Foundation was established in 2009 by Dave Baughman and Debbie Marinelli Baughman to encourage members of the Baughman and Marinelli families to become actively involved in charitable giving.

The mission of the Baughman Family Foundation is to make a tangible impact on our communities by focusing on small, local organizations that are researched and recommended by family members.  Initially, the Foundation granted monies only based on recommendations of the board members. It has focused on charitable organizations that support the the elderly and that fight against specific medical diseases.

Beginning in 2011, the Board of Directors decided to open the nomination process to all family members. This has allowed the Foundation to gain exposure to more charities and is part of the goal to encouraging other family members to become more actively involved in the work of the foundation.

Through the end of 2019, the Baughman Family Foundation has donated nearly $650,000 to various organizations in communities where family members live and work.